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Parade of Ukrainian brides in Odessa Ukraine!

Parade of Ukrainian brides

In May the 28th, the fourth parade of Ukrainian brides was taken place in Odessa Ukraine!

Every year in May the annual parade of brides is taken place in Odessa. It is a huge festival of beautiful Ukrainian girls in their wedding dresses only.
Odessa Brides Parade is a holiday of beauty, femininity and love. This is a non-profit project, which aims are social advertising of such social values as the traditional family, marriage, marriage-life and motherhood. The event is organized to refresh and enrich the desire of every girl and woman to be a bride, a wife, a mother and be beautiful and desirable.

This year on Sunday the 28th in May was the fourth the parade. It was attended by more than by 50 married women who wanted one more time to put on their wedding dresses and marched through the main streets of the city in front of passers-by, photographers and operators.

Ukrainian girls

The only one condition for participation in the parade is having your own white dress. The services of professional make up, hairdressers, designers, florists and other are absolutely free.

Seven of the participants of the march were pregnant and they got the first plaices in the parade without any competition! The rest were chosen by lot.

The festival was opened by a defile down the red carpet, expanded in Deribasovskaya Street. Then the bride walked to the Opera House, the Primorsky Boulevard and after threw their bouquets into the crowd at the Teschin bridge. The procession of 50 beautiful Ukrainian women in wedding dresses in the central streets of Odessa, caused the unconcealed delight of the surrounding public.

The procession was over near the installation of "Love Heart", which appeared near the Teschin bridge last year with the help of the "Kyivstar" company. This year, along with the locks on the heart appeared white metal jewelry which made the installation more cloudy, that attracted special attention of the participants and Odessits.

"This heart is a unique art monument. Residents and visitors of Odessa took part in its creation to promote the family values of Ukrainuans, we proposed to the brides of Odessa to take part in creating the wedding installation said Catherine Solomenchk, a manager of Public Relations of the Odessa's branch of "Kyivstar". - We hope that the new Odessa landmark "A Loving Heart" will remind the others to keep and care our Ukrainian family traditions."

Ukrainian brides

The brides made lots of photos in the City Garden, where the balloons were launched into the sky.

Near the Opera House, the participants made a few group photos and a flock of white doves were leaped up near the fountain.

Parade ended near the Vorontsov Palace near the colonnade, where the bride danced a traditional walts. Late at night in one of the night club in Arcadia the partners arranged a party with quizzes and competitions and surprises for the VIP guests and partners of the event.

"The brides parade is a social event organized to attract the attention of young people to such eternal values as family, the birth and raising children - says Maria Reznikoff, the organizer of the Parade and the owner of the agency in organizing weddings. According to statistics, in Odessa more than a quarter of couples get divorced not reaching 5 years life together."

The tradition of brides parades came to Odessa from Moscow. The author of the idea was Catherine Aleshinskaya, a wedding photographer. The first parade took place in September the 27th, 2005 in Moscow.

It was attended by 10 married women. Now the parade is held in more than 50 cities of CIS.
In Odessa, May is traditionally chosen for the parade. It is the month, when is the smallest number of marriages.

Ukrainian women

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