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What are romantic girls searching for?
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What are romantic girls searching for?

What are romantic girls searching for?
Maybe you will find yourself in this lines:

I am searching for a friend.
I am searching for a real man,
Someone who will travel with me to my granny on a rainy weekend.

I am searching for a husband.
I am searching for a prince.
Someone who would like to make real my whims.

I am searching for a gentlemen.
I am searching for a lover.
Someone to flirt with at dinners, and to become his desire.

I am searching for that one
Who’s touch will make me dizzy.
Someone for whom I will never be busy.

who would give and old lady a flower just to watch her smile.
I am searching for the man
I can talk with and to watch the sunrise.

I am searching for a father for my future children.
I am searching for a partner in a life-long journey
The wan who will call me: : “princess”, and “the sweetest honey”

Someone to whisper sweet things into my ear.
Someone whose voice will be pleasure to hear.

And the one, who will bring joy and happiness into my life
Someone, who doesn’t mind getting dirty in the yard
While we plant trees or create a garden full of beauty and love.

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